Friday, June 22, 2012

The Osborn Effect and the Death of Nokia.

The Executive
The Destroyer of Companies

Legend has it that this rather innocent looking computer destroyed one of the pioneering microcomputer companies.
In 1981 Adam Osborne introduced the first successful portable computer called the Osborne 1. While it was about as portable as a portable sewing machine it was relatively cheap, powerful, and came with a lot of software. In fact it came with so much software that if you had bought the software yourself it would have cost almost as much as the computer.
The Osborne was a huge success and Adam Osborne wasn't done. He created a new computer to replace the One called the Executive. It would address many of the short comings of the Osborne. The problem was that it was not ready for sale yet. This left customers with a choice, buy the old machine or wait for the new and improved Executive. Many decided to wait other decided to buy a new computer called the Kaypro 2