Free Software

Free Operating Systems.

Linux is a free operating system licensed under the GNU license. It is the best supported and easiest to use of the free operating systems. 
Linux Distros: Starter Distros
The following Linux distributions are in my opinion the most straight forward to set up for new users. Just because they are easy does not mean they are not suitable for advanced users. All of these are based on Ubuntu which is based on Debian Linux. One thing that is great about Ubuntu is that it is easy to install.
Linux Distros: For Experienced Users. 
The following distributions are ideal for people that are experienced computer users. 
  1. Linux Mint KDE
  2. Fedora
  3. Kubuntu
  4. Arch Linux
Linux Distros: Servers.
Any Linux distribution can be uses as a server but these are optimized for the job.
  1. CentOS 
  2. Ubuntu Server
  3. Debian
Linux Distros: Light Distros.
If you have an older computer that is short on memory one of these distributions may breath new life into it. 
  1. Linux Mint Xfce
  2. Xubuntu
  3. Lubuntu
  4. PuppyLinux
Specialized Linux Boot CDs/USB Drives.

Office Suites.

Office Suites that provide word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, database management, and drawing applications. 
  1. OpenOffice Windows, Mac, Linux
  2. LibreOffice Windows, Mac, Linux
Graphics Software

  1. Gimp The GNU Image Manipulation Program. Windows, Mac, Linux

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