Friday, January 3, 2014

Cat Free YouTube Channels: Cars & Motorcycles

YouTube channels that do not involve cats or puppies.

Yes, there is actually good programming on YouTube if you can find it.  And I aim to help you do just that.  Today, we are going to take a look at channel on one of my favorite topics, cars and motorcycles.  Here are some of my favorite YouTube car and motorcycle channels.

Let's get started with my number one pick for automotive channels.

The Fast Lane Car

I have to admit that +The Fast Lane Car is my favorite automotive channel on YouTube. Roman and Nathan test cars and SUVs in the real world. They live in Colorado and when they test an SUV, they take it off road and I mean really off road.  Being from Florida, I do not worry much about ice and snow but I still get a lot out of their reviews. The best part is they seem like a group of people that you would really like to know.

Another great channel comes from a person with whom you are probably very familiar.

Jay Leno's Garage

Jay is an entertainer that loves his cars. This channel is extremely well produced and frankly just a lot of fun to watch.

The next channel on my list come from a big player in the world of automobiles.


MotorWeek is a long running car show and the YouTube channel seems to come right from the show. It is accurate, well written, and well produced.  

My next choice comes from another one of the big boys.

The Motor Trend channel has shows from several of the vehicle based magazines in the Motor Trend family.  My favorites are Roadkill from Hot Rod magazine, Dirt Everyday, Head2Head, and On Two Wheels.

No, I haven't forgotten the motorcyclists.  Here's a channel just for you. is a great website for motorcyclist.  They now have a video channel and I think it is well worth watching.

Of course the last two channels are just a given, Top Gear and Top Gear USA, but come on those are just too easy.

So much really good content, but so hard to find.

That is the problem with YouTube. This list is not every good car or motorcycle channel on YouTube. If you know of other please leave feedback, so I can add them to my list. 

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