Thursday, January 23, 2014

Cat Free YouTube Channels: TastyPCTV


A PC parts review show.
For people that are really into building their own PC, review sites and YouTube channels are their mains source of information. TastyPCTV is a little bit different than most. The big difference is the host Lauren. Yes, she is a very pretty young women but she is also the real deal. She is into gaming and building her own rigs. She also does not have your typical hot geek girl look. She goes more for the classic girly, very feminine,  and dare I say it princess look. It is probably more the movie star look from the 1930s and 1940s.  I happen to think that it is great that Lauren has decided not conform to the stereotype of the cute geek girl. While some might not agree, I think Lauren is doing a great service by showing that you do not have to look a certain way to be into technology. Yes, you can be very pretty and feminine and still build a water-cooled gaming rig. I would watch this channel even if Lauren was not so attractive. Frankly I am an old married guy so what she looks like doesn't really matter to me but the quality of her reviews do. She does a good job no matter what she looks like. 

Scorecard The Rating uses G, PG, PG-13, and R while the other categories use A for the best that I know of,B for good but others might be better,C is average, D below average, and F is just terrible. 
  • Rating PG Little kids will probably not like this show but there is nothing wrong with the language. She does dress in a way that draws attention but no worse than you see in the mall.
  • Quality B-  Production quality is good but not great. The quality of the information is good.
  • Community C- The community on youTube Channels are often terrible. TastyPCs is  about average for YouTube. The minus comes from the sexist and rather rude comments. 
  • Depth C The show only has a few sponsors so Lauren does not get all the newest parts.  She does do very well with cases, water cooling, and mainstream enthusiast motherboards. So far she has not done much with high end LGA 2011 motherboards and CPUs. If you are looking for tutorials on over-clocking, look elsewhere. Lauren does a great job covering what the average PC builder is interested in.
  • Entertainment Value B  I enjoy this show and it is worth watching if you are into building PCs. Lauren is really young and is just getting started, so I have high hopes she will just get better and better. 
  • Overall B I really like this show and think it is worth watching. 
Where to watch it

You can find TastyPCTV here on YouTube,  here on the web, and at TastyPCTV on Google+.

What I think of this show

The reviews are good and pretty complete in nature and balanced. Her production values are a bit hit or miss at times, but over all it is pretty good. The one negative is that she does not seem to publish new content on a regular basis. That is understandable since TastyPCTV has a small production team. I am not sure but I think it may be a one woman show.  Overall I think it is worth watching, just be ready to tune out the sexist remarks. 

Update 2018

Since I wrote this Lauren has had a number of personal issues and stopped producing vidoes for a while. She has anounced that she is trying to come back and start producing content. I hope she can pull off her comeback. 
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