Saturday, January 11, 2014

Places to see in Florida:South Jetty Park Fort Pierce, Florida.

South Jetty Park Fort Pierce Fort Pierce Florida

South Jetty Park

Last week I picked a world famous aircraft museum Fantasy of Flight. This week it is a beach. Hey it is Florida and what is Florida with beaches?  The Fort Pierce Jetty has an interesting history. It is made of left over tank traps from WWII. During WWII the US practiced for D-Day on the beaches of Fort Pierce. 

What to do.

 You can see all sorts of wild life. The pelicans and other birds are actually ver use to people and will allow you to get very close. If you are lucky you may see manatees.
You can watch the boats coming home or heading out to sea. 
Watch a beautiful sunset.

Go fishing.

You may also sit on a bench and watch the ocean, go swimming at the beach next to the jetty, walk on the beach, or try one of the near by restaurants. 



Open everyday and I am not sure it closes.



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