Thursday, January 16, 2014

Favorite Websites:IKEA Hackers

Wow! Who knew you could make such cool stuff?

This is one of those wow, what a great idea websites. Collect a bunch of great projects made from IKEA parts and make a blog about it.  So what can you find on the site?

And a lot more. So check it out at  If you do not have an IKEA near you then shopping on-line is an option at

The Rating uses G, PG, PG-13, and R while the other categories use A for the best that I know of,B for good but others might be better,C is average, D below average, and F is just terrible. 
  • Rating G Totally family friendly.
  • Quality C Most of the projects are A+, the problem is that IKEA hackers often will link to the creators site for the instructions. If the creator no longer uses that site you don't have any instructions.  
  • Community B I have not seen many comments but then that also means I didn't see any trolls. The projects all come from the community.
  • Depth C Some of the hacks have nice detailed instructions, some are very brief, and some of the projects instructions are no where to be found. 
  • Overall B Hey It is a fun site that is full of great ideas.

Not perfect but still good.

Even with the flaws it is still a great site. I feel the inspiration value alone makes it worth reading. 
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