Friday, January 31, 2014

Podcast Picks: Daily Tech News Show.

Get your tech news every weekday.

A few years ago there was Buzz Out Loud.
There was a daily tech news podcast called Buzz Out Loud from hosted by Tom Merritt. It was the first podcast that my wife and I enjoyed. It was funny and insightful. Eventually CNet started to drop its audio podcasts one by one and Tom Merritt left CNet for the Network and hosted their daily news show called Tech News Today.

Not too long ago I listened to Tech News Today.
I was a daily listener to Tech News Today.  The show was hosted by,  +Tom Merritt+iyaz akhtar+Sarah Lane, and produced by +Jason Howell.  It was a great show and then TWIT.TV decided to not renew Tom Merritt's contract, and Iyaz Akhtar has left Twit for CNet. TWIT has decided to take Tech News Today in a different direction which just does not work for me as well as the old Tech New Today. 

So Tom Merritt created a new daily tech news show. 
The Daily Tech News Show has really filled the gap that the change to Tech News Today left when they made the format change. Tom and his guests cover a large range of tech news, from cell phones to bitcoin and does it well. If you are interested in technology then you should give this podcast a try.

The Rating uses G, PG, PG-13, and R while the other categories use A for the best that I know of,B for good but others might be better,C is average, D below average, and F is just terrible. 
  • Rating PG It is hard for anything to get a G rating, but this show is professional and profanity free. You will not have to worry about listening to it while driving the kids to school.
  • Quality A  Tom Merritt is very good at what he does and built his own studio at home for doing Tech News Today. He is using the same studio for the Daily Tech News Show so the quality i very high.
  • Community N/A The show is too new to judge, I have a feeling that it will be a very good community once fully established. 
  • Depth A Tom Merritt worked at Tech-TV, CNet, and TWIT.TV he has years of experience reporting on technology and it shows.
  • Entertainment Value B This is a news show, but the news is still presented in a fun and interesting way.
  • Overall A I try to listen to this show every weekday.
How I feel about this Podcast.
I feel that Tom Merritt is one of the best tech journalists around today, his shows are informative, entertaining and unlike so much what passes for journalism he is not inflammatory.  That is not to say he does not have strong opinions but he is willing to listen to all sides of must subjects. I just wish that Tom could get Molly Wood to be his co-host on the show. 

Where to get it.
You can subscribe to his podcasts from his webpage, iTunes, and many Android podcast apps. 
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