Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Why I am blogging.

Why did I start to blog?
My first blog post was on May 4th 2011 and was on my feelings about the killing of Osama Bin Laden and the people demanding to see the pictures of his dead body.  I was disappointed that some people I knew wanted pictures of his dead body as proof that the US got him.  After that start I did a grand total of seven posts over the next few years. Due to family health issues, writing blog posts became a very low priority. The other problem was I had grand ideas for posts, but just could not get the posts finished. My wife, who has been blogging on a more regular basis, suggested I write shorter posts but write new post daily.   

I wish I had started sooner.
I have really gotten into the daily blog posts. I am probably going to skip Sundays because I need a day of rest from trying to write. 

What I hope to give back. 
I have decades of experience in computers, a love of science, a love of old movies, and I am a native Floridian.  Hopefully I can share some of my knowledge, experience and occasionally my opinion on various subjects.  I also hope to learn from readers who comment on my posts. 

I want to know who some of my readers are.
I have had one visitor from Finland and one that is running BSD as their operating system. My guess is the person from Finland read my post on Nokia where I predicted its death. Microsoft is now buying Nokia, so I feel that prediction looks pretty spot on.  Who is using BSD to surf the web? I have a feeling that most of the people who read this are people I know, but who do I know in Minnesota or Italy?

I would love to see more comments. 
I do not get many comments. I would love to know who is visiting my blog and what they think. Do you like the technology posts about computers? What about my posts on movies, my opinion posts, favorite websites, favorite YouTube channels, or my places to see in Florida posts?  I hope to hear from some of the people who visit. You can also follow me on Google+ and Twitter
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