Thursday, January 9, 2014

Cat Free YouTube Channels: Tech Channels.

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YouTube Tech Channels

There are tech channels that cover just about every kind of tech. The channels that I am going to show you this week are going to be on the more geeky side of tech. These channels will tell about the next hot smartphone or game that is coming out. These channels are about making tech yourself plus a bit of wow that is cool. 

The Ben Heck Show

+Benjamin Heckendorn  became well known for his console mods like his portable Playstation. The channel contains build logs of his projects like a Video Game Controlled Hot Pocket Dispenser or robotic luggage. Don't worry if you do not know anything about electronics because his channel also has tutorials on things like soldering. So if you ever wanted to learn about electronics, this is the channel for you. If you don't, it is still a fun channel to watch just to see the cools stuff he makes. He is also family friendly.

DIY Tryin

+DIY Tryin is a great eclectic geeky channel. Yes it is very new, but the hosts are well known and respected. So far the videos cover subjects as varied as making your own home server to making carbonated anything including eggnog. I do not know where the channel will go but so far I am really enjoying it. So far it is also family friendly.


+Nixie Pixel maybe be a pretty face but she is also the very knowledgeable host of +Geekbuzz . GeekBuzz covers the Linux, the gaming space, Open Source, and just about all things geeky. It is always good to see women in tech but I am sorry to say that this channel is PG-13. That does not make it bad but a parent should decide if they want their kids and or teens to watch this. 


+Hak5  is all about computer security, hacking, Linux, and all those cool geeky things that you see in the movies but for real. Yes it is family friendly and well done. What I love about this is Hak5 goes deep into the subjects. The hosts +Darren Kitchen and +Shannon Morse are fun, personable and very knowledgeable. 

TWIT's Know How

Know How is the how to show from the +TWiT  network. It is also available as a podcast as well as on YouTube but this is one of those shows that you will want to watch and not just listen. This show covers everything from putting ROMs on your phone to building your own studio. I am sorry to say that the original host  +iyaz akhtar left the show. The current host, +Fr. Robert Ballecer, SJ is great, but I will miss Iyaz. Sine the current host is a Catholic priest it is of course family friendly.


Make is the YouTube channel of Makezine. It covers the Maker scene. It covers electronics, robotics, even building furniture. It is a professional channel with high production values and of course family friendly.

These are not the only ones. 
These are just some of the channels I have found and enjoy. So if you know of more geeky channels just leave them in the comments, and I hope you enjoy these channels.
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